5 tricks to reveal free Vehicle History Reports before buying used cars

Vehicle history report
Vehicle history report

Buying the right car is in itself a big headache. Adding to it the job of buying the right pre-owned car is an even bigger headache. You need to know the specifications and other details of the car to start with. And in pre-owned cars it becomes even more important to know the vehicle history. But the car dealer might not give you the full details of the car’s past. Or he might not know the full history. You, on the other hand need to know the details somehow. Or else you might just end up regretting the decision after buying the car. So, what to do in a situation like this?

A simple solution to a big problem!

This is the era of booming technology and frequent use of the internet. So, utilize that to your advantage. All you need is a VIN decoder and for that VIN lookup tool is readily available. But even they have limitations. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to gain an insight to the vehicle history of any car you are thinking of buying. There are different ways to do it.

Let’s look at a few tricks…

  1. There are limitations of free information – There are many sites on the internet that provide free information. They tell you about the car’s service history, recall information and upcoming service alerts. They are not that specific to the car’s VIN.
  2. Understand the full report contents – There are various sources for purchasing a VHR such as CarFax, AutoCheck, National Insurance Crime Bureau, etc. A full VHR needs to be purchased which contains information based on the car’s VIN.
  3. Investigate full report for free – Until recently every full VHR had to be bought. Since December 2015 the full Vehicle History Report (VHR) is being offered for free online through specific sites.
  4. Do your own researches – You can get a full report on the car or get it checked yourself. Get your own mechanic to check the car before you decide to buy it.
  5. Decide whether you need to buy the full report – Usually buying the full report is worth the money. Any damage done to the car earlier can greatly reduce the value of the car. And if there are any pending lawsuits then it can become a deal breaker.